What is a veneer?

Dental veneers are a cosmetic dentistry procedure to help improve the color, shape and position of teeth including chipped teeth.
They are thin shells of porcelain that cover the fronts of teeth, something like artificial fingernails.
Probably the most versatile of all cosmetic dentistry procedures, it can fix all sorts of problems, such as correcting chips and stains. It can also be used to change the length, shape, or even the color of your teeth.


Give Your Teeth a Makeover with Veneers

It can restore the natural appearance of your tooth, with little pain or discomfort involved. Because of the strength of the adhesive, they are durable and dependable and also stain-resistant.
Because they are custom-made for each patients nearly impossible to tell the difference between a veneer and a natural tooth.
Simply put, they are thin sheets of natural-looking porcelain that are laid over your teeth to mask problems and create beauty.


Is it right for me?

Veneers can be the cosmetic solution for:
gaps between teeth
broken, chipped or cracked teeth
badly stained or colored teeth
crooked or irregularly shaped teeth
Obvious, aesthetically-displeasing fillings.